The Mastrachans

How we met…by Heather

Our first meeting in late 2010 was rather innocuous–Frank was just another Presidential Management Fellow toiling away in the federal government: really smart, good-looking, filled with confidence and optimism…and super loud. But as fate would have it, that all changed on Halloween 2011. Frank came to a party dressed as Fred Flintstone and bearing gifts of multi-flavored Mikes Hard Lemonade. I was immediately and unapologetically smitten. Who was this fun loving guy showing off his crazy airplane dance moves without fear of reprisal? He had my heart beat running away. We danced. We laughed. And then we barely spoke again for two months. But fate in the form of work and Stacy Kane intervened. We began to see more and more of each other until we fell madly and deeply in LIKE.

We met: I thought “meh”
Frank, dancing Fred Flintstone: “yeaaaaaaaaa”
Super Bass in LOVE.

How we got here…by Frank

The great poet of our time Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty said it best–we found love in a hopeless place. While attempting to find hope in the world of disaster recovery and emergency management, Heather and I took our minds off tornadoes and hurricanes with get-to-know-you adventures. First on bike rides through scenic Washington D.C. to Great Falls. Later hikes, camping, and rabbit chasing in Shenandoah National Park and family fun days in northern and southern Virginia alike. Eventually even experiencing one of life’s rarest events–a Buffalo Bills late season victory.

It was easy to fall in love with someone who is so stunning, bright, assertive and who clearly relishes every aspect of life. Why she ever fell for such an overly confident, naively optimistic, and–did she mention–SUPER loud guy, I’m not sure. But it happened. We experienced more get-to-know-you adventures all around the world, bought a condo, got engaged, moved (back) to New York and waited (im)patiently to finally say I do.